TOMATOFACE! commercial


Tomatoface! By Brad Douglas

About a year ago, Rob Wooten, one of the owners of Texas Beach Bloody Mary (and creator of the Misery Brothers logo), handed me a sticker of their new mascot Tomatoface by Richmond artist Brad Douglas, AKA BigZoidy, AKA Wiggle Worm. One of the things that intrigued me was it reminded me of Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo‘s work. The other was it is incredibly creepy and would make an awesome commercial for bloody mary mix. We tossed around several ideas for possible commercials – one being a remake of Orson Welles’ horrible/greatest ever commercials for Paul Masson Wine.

Misery Brother Michael Bishop and I discussed it at GWARbar one afternoon, and from that conversation we decided to ask the amazingly talented fabricators at Corotted Artistry to build a wearable mask of Tomatoface for Texas Beach and Co. for the spot and to take to trade shows, and also to try to film the spot on location at GWARbar. From there we started to develop our take on the Bloody Mary legend starring the real life Tomatoface as the terrible bloody visage in the mirror.

Misery Brother Melanie Mandl (Robot Chicken,  Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, and Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt vid) directed the film – her expertise and strong artistic vision for the piece was crucial to the project’s success. We wanted the spot to be a cinematic experience, and added subtle (and not so subtle) references to many films, including Carrie, Star Wars, and The Shining. The beautiful widescreen images are thanks to brilliant cinematographer Mark Mervis. In production, we were generously assisted by Lucas Krost of The Branching.

Check out the mask in production, the handiwork of Corotted Artistry artists Margaret Rolicki and Sev Gedra, with assistance from Matt McGuire and Bob Gorman: