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GWARbar featured in creepy commercial for Texas Beach Bloody Mary mix

Posted by: Amy – Nov 02, 2015


Halloween may be over, but we’re hanging on to it like a zombie after your brains.

Austin Green and Greg White, the guys who concocted the delicious Texas Beach Bloody Mary mix recipe for RVA, released a commercial for their product just before Halloween.

And who did they seek out to help them with the blood, guts and gore elements? Well, the hellraisers over at GWARbar of course. The bar was used to shoot the video and was produced and written by The Misery Brothers. The commercial was directed by Melanie Mandl.

The commercial features a woman walking into a bar (enter GWARbar) and sits down next to two other women who order a Bloody Mary. She decides she’d fancy the same, but the bartender warns her of the age-old legend not to speak her name three times in a row.

Brushing it off, the annoyed girl heads to the bathroom and decides to test her fate. I’ll let you see what happens for yourself below…

Words by Amy David